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Accelerate your transformation

Hugo mixes business strategy, technology and user-centric design to drive transformation in both startups and large corporates, enabling them to leapfrog their competitors while leveraging the capabilities of the digital age.

Hugo has been consistently brought in to create new products and revenue streams and lead Digital and Innovation functions. He has a track record in creating value out of data, whether through direct monetisation or through enablement platforms and ecosystem-driven business models. He has almost 20 years experience working across agencies, brands and consultancies, and is deeply involved with the startup and VC worlds.

He’s an enthusiast in emerging technologies and the impact they will have in the world, our businesses and all humanity, and is especially keen in bringing to life Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IoT, as they will digitise the physical world and accelerate innovation and human experience exponentially.


AI for Asthma (& Health): Designed a data model, hacked an inhaler and created an app to predict and prevent asthma crisis for 250 million people around the world, in a few weeks with geniuses Chris Hay and Serge Keyser. Now being used as a framework that brings together weather data, AI and IoT to tackle other chronic diseases. Just in the UK, this could have saved the NHS £1Bn in 2015.

Blockchain for Utilities: Redesigned the relationship of a Utilities company with a community generating its energy using renewables, using Blockchain and NLP to engage supply & demand of a peer to peer marketplace and machine learning and AI to help you make money out of your local IoT network of devices and the data generated from them. This fundamentally challenges monetising energy units (in the future) and shows the potential digital pivot for a £10Bn Industry.

Blockchain for Supply Chain: Led the creation and development of a project to redesign Supply Chain and procurement of Upstream in the Oil & Gas Industry, which has the potential to redesign its operation without any inventory, leveraging the capabilities of IoT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. This would have cost savings in the $Billions and would revolutionise visibility and efficiency of operations, procurement and strategy.

Leadership Development 2020: Designed an organic digital leadership development programme to up-skill senior leadership to create, set up and run their own digital projects, create and ecosystem of partners for their LoB/BU, and have a data driven and transparent ethos in their business.

Hugo has also done some co-anchor work, in a Tech trends show from Telefónica DigitalDigital Futures, and has been featured in a few video interviews.

Professional Experience

  • Head of Strategy & Partnerships | Engine B | London (present)

  • Advisory Board Member | Cognition X | London (present)

  • Startup Mentor | Wayra UK  (present)

  • Startup Mentor | The Open Data Institute  (present)

  • Advisory Board Member | Data Pitch  (present)

Past Experiences

Accenture Digital | Managing Director Resources UK&I | London

Advisory Board Member | Shop Direct 

IBM Interactive Experience | Innovation Services Leader EMEA – Strategy & Design Centre of Competence | London

Telefonica Digital | Head of Intranet & Social Media | Global Go To Market Lead & Innovation Big Data | London

VICE Media | Head of Digital, Activation and Marketing | London

MTV Networks | Online Manager, Head of Digital, Social Media Leader South Europe | Madrid, Lisbon

Accedo Interactive | Managing Director Digital | Lisbon

More positions on Hugo’s Linkedin profile

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