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Redesign your job with AI

Before trying to train everyone in data science or coding, they need to understand how all of this can play a role in what they do today, and how they can be the owners of their own job evolution.

I want this training to be used as an enablement tool for the talent in your organization to become the drivers of evolution because they understand what technology, digital transformation, user-centricity and data-driven thinking means.

Rather than having to push change, they will be directing it to the right outcomes, in a format that everyone in the organization understands and feels is a part of their mandate to lead.

I will enable every participant to:

  • Prepare some material before, and think about what it is they do.

  • Learn about what AI and automation mean

  • Apply them to what they do

  • Safely redesign their roles and how their career can progress

  • Bridge the additional training they will want to purpose

Each employee will become more valuable, engaged and innovative throughout your organization.

Learning: Services
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Training while delivering business value

Hugo runs workshops, keynotes and training sessions for executives, startup teams and other corporate audiences. If

Find the different topics currently under offer below, and get in touch for more details. I like to tailor the sessions for your industry or even business, and base them on real-life use cases and work I've done previously.

More than lecture I like to start debates and ensure there is a set of takeaway actions that will impact the way the teams work.

Learning: Services


I present a business logic and design process to develop both employee and customer propositions as well as solutions, that will fulfil the service when it’s needed, in the right location, format and channel. I walk through examples in Telecoms, Fashion Retail, Energy trading, Oil & Gas, Pharma & Health, amongst others.  Typical Duration: 60 minutes + Q&A (Includes preparing a specific use case for team sessions)

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