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Blackphone at #mwc14: when are we getting an app that allows us to browse, text and speak anonymousl

One of the big hypes at mwc this year is privacy and the blackphone is making its bang with its PrivatOS – a security-oriented Android build in techcrunch article.

Remember how blackberry stormed the corporate mobile handset market with their secure e-mail? It always seems to be hardware before software, but the truth is there is always a smarter way of doing it – especially with the speed at which technology is evolving (memory, processing capacity, data, AI).

Funnily enough, yesterday there was a second announcement from BOEING: they’re launching a self-destruct smartphone with call encryption. Nice side-step reenforcing the importance of security in communications nowadays.

The question is clear: when are we getting an app that allows us to browse, text and speak anonymously? Are proxy services coming back? Is this another opportunity for the wide-spread subscriptions in China to go worldwide?

Sounds like privacy is becoming a definitive deal-breaker for consumer choices, so TELCO, digital and enterprise companies should all try and keep up – maybe there’s even time to anticipate the widespread trend…

Do you know about any initiatives working on this area at all?

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