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Interview with King's Business School: The Value of Data

"To make the most of the data they hold, businesses need to think beyond the limits of what data can do for their current customers and start to understand how it can shape the whole ecosystem they operate in".

You can read the article here.

This is one of the remarks in the interview I did with the team at King's Business School, following a keynote at their London Bush House Campus.

The key points were around how there's a need to consider multiple dimensions of Value to create a strategy that can fuel the next waves of business growth. One of the dimensions is about improving what your business currently does, but following only that trail would not reflect the potential value in what you track, operate and measure.

Another key point revolves around the fact the whole business needs to understand how Data enables new thinking, new value propositions, marketed differently to new clients, and sometimes not by your own organisation.

The final dimension is the one that relates to what is the relevant data, and it might not only be the one you own. There is a need to widen the gaze of where you find the information that will be relevant and valid to enable a decision, and power a product or a business.

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