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Why the web (in whatever device you consume it) is the new personalised and ubiquitous mass media

It never ceases to amaze me how entrepreneurial people are. Bieber was one of the first ones to take advantage of a video camera, self-confidence and creativity (and some mom) and use the web to jump to stardom. The great thing is not everyone must become a star – you can just have fun and make a living while you do it – like Adrienne!

My wife found her out and it’s indeed a funny way of sharing yoga on the web, and with a witty tone you usually don’t see on Yoga teachers. So for people that would like to start out with feel good shorter routines without having to do too much change, there’s a lot of content and especially on youtube about feeling good and healthy!

It seems like the clever way to put yourself out there, baring in mind our digital reality: youtube videos, social media engagement and a nice wordpress page. Up to almost 2 million views and +57.000 channel subscribers seems to be like a good track record, and comparing this with a real world classroom, we can translate its success with a few interesting numbers that explain why the web (in whatever device you consume it) is the new mass media.

547 people “attend” a yoga class every hour

394 new students join her “studio” every day

That’s a lot more people in these “classrooms” than you would be able to fit into a studio. No parking spaces needed, no commute, and with minority report technology interactive. When and where you want it and to share the experience with a friend, your dog, or the whole world if you feel like it.

But right now, maybe even online timed classes or studios that broadcast these to people that don’t have access to either internet or the classes themselves are just the obvious ideas that come to mind. But maybe you can instead just put your videos on Vimeo as well, and Facebook, and twitter, and maybe a health section of a portal, or a brand that wants to associate with feeling good (most of them…), or as downloads on iTunes.

And all the ones i mentioned above exist, btw – so if you’re really good at something, but just lack an audience, you don’t have to linger. The masses are not just on TV or on laptop, they’re everywhere, and they don’t use just one way to consume contents or services. Make sure you know your audience and how they need what you before you build your service/business, and then take advantage of the cloud to guarantee a seamless experience across all devices, and also make sure it is smarter than the assembly line machine AI – social media can lend you a hand with personalising and learning.

This is how the hip cafe became popular – great service and great quality!

After that, it’s up to you to compete with the 3 Billion connected people in the world, and demonstrate you are the best, or the most original, or the one that wears a blue hat while doing it.

What’s the craziest business you’ve seen online?

Cool sources to use when trying to understand the digital reality:

Mashable is one of my favorite websites to find out more about anything with a www on it

VidstatsX is a great to understand metrics and popularity for youtube content

Google Trends is great to compare search term popularity

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