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Accenture Digital: First Month

It’s been one month since I joined Accenture as a Managing Director (last Friday, 1st) and the best word to describe the journey so far is excitement – lots of it!

After the awesome people I worked with over the past 3 years (and all of my career) I did not expect to meet so many great people in such a short amount of time – you know who you are

The company itself is huge but on my first line of sight I have 5 terrific organisations: Accenture Interactive, Accenture Analytics, Accenture Mobility, as well as Fjord and the most recent acquisition, Karmarama.

That’s actually been almost a full time job – meeting people – the most important ingredient of a successful organisation. And it links in with the first mission I had for this first month – find an internal team that is willing to join in our mission.

The mission has 3 key components:

  1. Focus on the customer and bring all the digital capabilities together (even when they might not be need on the surface);

  2. Build visions of the future of the Resources industry – Energy, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Chemicals & Natural Resources – and help organisations find their future role in the world;

  3. Support and accelerate Accenture’s cultural change – most challenges in our clients industries and organisations are provoked by digital and most of the solutions will have a strong component of it as well – the whole organisation needs to embrace it. There’s a lot of work but also a lot of incentive and enthusiasm!

Plenty of whiteboards around but I still love my notebook!

In short, we’re helping to build our bit of the future of Accenture in the UK – and I assume you understand, with this mandate, team and incentives, I am very excited!

In this period I’ve had many conversations and have already found a group of internal people that want to be a part of this adventure. I’m now looking for external talent that feel like they’re on a mission to do a few things as a part of a multi-skilled team:

  1. Change their small bit of the world by bringing human experience, technology and business outcomes together;

  2. Have a vision around what the ecosystem of energy and utilities will look like and want to have a role to play in it;

  3. Want to grow and learn about the best practices, technology and from the best talent in the world, and are not afraid to fail for being too bold!

The most fun part is about to begin as we start mapping what lateral plays and disruptive moves these industries have up their sleeves, and begin plotting the way they can take to get there. We already have a few ideas being developed to showcase (with our awesome Innovation teams), and will soon begin bringing the ecosystem of partners that can help us complement these disruptive moves.

The big opportunity for corporates is in their digital transformation

The core business is under threat but incumbents have a few things all startups and (most) challenger businesses don’t: Data and customers.

Hopefully we’ll be able to work wonders with these, and eventually get one of these ventures off the ground in 12 months. We’ll touch base as soon as the real fun begins – workshops, resulting pitches and a few keynotes already in the pipeline.

If you want to be a part of this adventure get in touch, there might be a role for you to play.

Welcome to the future – and don’t be a stranger!

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