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Choose your weapon: SEO or social media? @Guardian

This post follows my participation in the debate for the Guardian around the ongoing discussion between SEO and Social Media, hosted by Jemima Kiss, Head of technology editorial, from the Guardian. The other participants:

Ian Duncan Director of strategy, MediaCo

Craig Lister Head of Reprise Media

Paul Smith Vice-president for EMEA, Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud

Neil Walker Managing director, Quaero

The consensual opinion was that both have their part to play, and a lot to give to each other, especially with google + influencing search results. For social media, and considering the vast amounts of on-flowing information and data, the basis of SEO is a clear example on how to organise social media activity. What better way to define social acquisition campaigns then by the most used search terms? Or perhaps use the most socially engaging hashtags to define and refine the SEO strategy – you get the idea – it’s an ongoing waltz, and both disciplines get to lead at some stage.

Thinking about the impact mobile is having on the massification of both, the best example i can think of is mobile user acquisition. How do you begin to test the channels, sites and campaigns you’ll use to find the best conversion channels, and where you’ll be able to target the users that raise your ROI and LTV.  Taking the concept a little further, and baring in mind the new RTB/Programmatic media trends, imagine conceiving hyper-targetted campaigns, not only based on profile, but on in-app behaviour – the wet dream of any digital marketeer! I’m yet to see examples of this, but i can see the future RTB campaigns that use for instance location information to differentiate if you’re at home, at work, or in transit, or even if you’ve just made your first purchase, down to your gender and item category. User journey and end-to-end use cases are becoming the bread and butter of the data-age marketeers, and soon we’ll have 100 different variants of a single marketing message, each served in the right place, to the right person and at the right time. We still have 99% of the marketing spend to optimise, so…exciting times ahead. Here’s the link to the original article. Q&A: Are you handling these kinds of requests from your organisations/clients?

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