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Horizontal Business Models: The Gift of Digital Disruption

Traditional businesses are struggling to truly transform. Amidst failed digital transformation programmes and a difficulty to change cultures, many giants decide to stick to what they know best – decline.

Keep true, towards the iceberg

This decision seriously hinders their chance of a prospering survival, and retaining their current relationships with customers, but also with their employees. The more businesses focus on their core strengths, the more these become commoditised: Supply Chain, Assets and even regulation are no longer safe bets, as they carry unsustainable costs and worsen the terms of their relationships with customers.

Global Retailers, Utilities and Oil & Gas companies might still enjoy a relatively quiet period of (sometimes) growth, and can still attract large investments (LNG), but they’re contracting serious amount of debt: Talent, Technical (interesting article from ZDNet addressing this reality) and Strategic Debt.

I’ve helped shape a couple of articles talking about why I believe the energy transition will happen faster than expected, and why the impact will be far more visible than forecasted.

With WIRED the article talks about how the battleground for the connected home ecosystem is the household, and how multiple industries will converge to try and combine technology, data and services to retain their relationship with consumers.

With NIMBUS NINETY the editor Adam shaped the article making the case for the horizontal opportunities in Energy and Utilities. I believe there are key learnings from Amazon companies still haven’t come to terms with, and creating digital revenue streams off of core competencies will be a form of leverage critical to replace the revenue lost to startups, other converging industries and to consumers themselves – or should we call them PROsumers?

These are some of the trends my team is exploring to put together a point of view on how the energy ecosystem of the coming decade will be fuelled by horizontal strategies, collapsed ecosystems and Autonomous Electric Vehicles.

I welcome your comments and will share some new findings regularly.

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