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How the #London #tubestrike can be good for (some) businesses

About 50 people try to get the 15 minutes late bus under persistent rain near Trafalgar square. Tube stations are closed and you can either walk, fight for a cab or try to get that bus. I’m one of the 2m London commuters trying to get that bus.

Having taken almost an hour to do a 25 minute ride, I decided to browse the commuting apps on my iphone. Funny thing is, when I open the Tube app, what do I see? A cab app takeover to download the same app – useful right? I can only imagine how much the CPA on that RTB network must have risen!

It also made me think – what a clever way to be relevant! That’s a really good collaborative-remote-work pitch to your employees! I wonder how much the adoption rate would be of those internal communications campaign?

Then another thought came to mind – I noticed that the northern line was running fine – and tweeted it! A friend got on it a promptly said it wasn’t true – it had delays. So how about putting that waze concept to work for transport companies and using crowdsourcing to make it actual instead of automatic?

Imagine the wealth of data about commuting habits and how they change with different weather, transport, journey, time of day, etc. Actual movement data and not estimates or official timetables. That sounds just about right and could lead to the future of transport – flexible and dynamic transportation services according to real needs and flows of people.

Thinking a bit further ahead, maybe even a cab market – RTB style where you can choose the cab ride provider according to your preferences – average time to destination compared to average of all drivers, or satisfaction reviews from their clients!

Gamification and crowdsourced Data will be the backbone of the service platforms of the future.  – Tweet this

Trip advisor is a real example of this – it’s owned by expedia and the competition have to include it as content to be able to keep up… Nice example of brands using the #tubestrike by @econsultancy 

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