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You’ve changed me forever IBM

Today is my last day at IBM.

It’s been an exhilarating journey of discovery, breakthrough and change.


I’ve discovered the best talent, technology and opportunity I’ve had the chance to work with so far in my career.

Learned from awesome talent that regardless of seniority always had something to teach and contribute, even when we had to improvise – which happened quite often.

Observed how regardless of the location, culture and context, companies are facing the same challenges over and over again.


even from coffee machine arguments that resulted in ideas to apply in hackathons, client projects and our internal mischief. From learning how buzzwords can become every day tools. From how you can change an organisation by helping them empathise with their customers and employees in just a few hours.


in the way I see the world from all perspectives and as a never ending succession of interdependencies that increase the rate of change of the world around us, its companies and inhabitants. And what the role businesses will play in that future – and how different that role is from today’s.

“We ask too much of Technology and too little of ourselves”

(thanks Jeremy Waite) is a sentence I will try to remind myself of.

IBM is not made up of Bluemix, Watson or Hyperledger, not even from the endless list of acronyms on it’s blue pages or buzzwords from it’s Marketing – it’s made up of talented and driven people that want to change their piece of the world.

I salute you!

People, Culture and Technology – the new reality of business that is making industries clash with each other and consolidate. Or pushing old ones to become digital services, having to find a new purpose in society.

As the pace of change picks up, companies need to dedicate more effort and resources to this reinvention, and reinforce the tip of their commercial spear to guarantee their success.

It’s been a great journey at IBM in setting up part of this capability – it wouldn’t have been possible without lots of collective inspiration and perspiration.

I’ll miss the people, bring the technology for my future endeavours and my dreams about the future, and a new adventure begins on August 1st.

So to all my fellow IBMers, thank you for the good times and keep in touch!

It’s been business doing pleasure with you IBM – see you around.

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